Wednesday, February 25, 2009


[from 2/19/09... sorry for the delay!]

"John was also baptizing at Aenon near Salim, because water was becoming abundant there; and people kept coming and were being baptized..."
(John 3:23)

Even though one of the 4 New Testament gospel writers is John, when I hear that name, my mind immediately adds "The Baptist." John the Baptist plays a central role in Jesus' life (and also in Scripture!). But what was interesting to me was this small verse in chapter 3. "Johnny B" came to Aenon near Salim "because water was becoming abundant there." A simple phrase. Easy to pass over (heck, I'd never noticed it before!). But so intriguing! Water was becoming abundant in this particular region, so that's where John went to baptize.

Was it an especially significant location, historically? No. Was it an especially spiritual location? Um... no. So what's the big deal? It had an abundance of water (evidently just recently, too). John found an abundance and set up his ministry there.

Which got me thinking... what sorts of "abundances" might be around me that I'm not aware of? As we prepare to launch a satellite ministry at AUMC (or at least move in that direction), I've been made aware of an abundance of people not connected to God (or a church!). Having returned from the Philippines, I've seen an abundance of poverty. My Christmas trip to the East Coast of the US reminded me that we have an abundance of good weather here in Hawaii. I've been blessed to have an abundance of joy in my life - for most of my life!

How might God be calling me to work with those? How might God be calling the church? How might be calling YOU to use your "abundances"?

Good question...

PRAYER: Open my eyes to the 'abundances' you've placed around me, Lord. Inspire me to respond appropriately... and passionately! AMEN.

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