Monday, December 10, 2012

Only Speak the Word

[From Nov. 29, 2012]

"But only speak the word, and let my servant be healed."
(Luke 7:7)

People involved in the military know about "the chain of command."  It's a system of accountability & command.  Everyone knows where they fit into the chain of command - who they have authority over and who has authority over them.

A Roman solider came to Jesus asking him to heal his slave.  We don't know if this man was a follower of Jesus, or just had heard about him.  Either way, he asked Jesus to heal his gravely ill servant.  But he didn't feel worthy to have Jesus come to his house.  So he simply asked Jesus to command it to be done.  "Only speak the word," he says, "and let my servant be healed."

Jesus was so impressed with his faith!  He, as a foreigner, didn't grow up with stories of the coming Messiah.  He didn't know God's anointed one would bring healing & new life.  He'd just heard about Jesus and believed.  He knew how the chain of command worked.  People in authority spoke and it was accomplished.

I want to have faith like that.  To believe that God can do anything.  I know it in my head, but want to believe it with every fiber of my being.  Not that God can do anything for my personal gain.  But anything that lies within His will for me and this world.  "Only speak the word, Lord..."

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