Tuesday, March 3, 2015


[From 2/26/15]

"For the love of God is this; that we obey his commandments.  And his commandments are not burdensome, for whatever is born of God conquers the world."
(1 John 5:3-4a)

There's an idea among some that God is a Divine Killjoy... seeking to rob us of our freedom to enjoy & explore life to the fullest.  That the Bible is merely a collection of rules designed to limit & restrict us.

I disagree.  I believe God wants us to experience the fullest that life has to offer!  God designed us to flourish.  We were created to know joy, pleasure, contentment & peace!  The only discrepancy is probably what brings about those things.

Yes, the Bible does have restrictions and prohibitions.  Like, don't steal from others.  Or lie to get people in trouble.  Don't kill anyone.  Don't have sex with someone's spouse.  Honor your parents, etc.  These commands were created to help keep relationship between humans positive!  But there's also calls to love others, forgive, don't hold grudges, to care for the poor & needy, etc.

The author of 1 John tells us that we show our love for God by our obedience to His commandments.  It's not enough to come to church week after week.  It's not enough to read the Bible regularly, either.  WE have to incorporate what we read & what we learn in church into our actions!  WE need to follow God's commands.

Some see this as a huge burden.  "I can never do all that!"  True.  We can't be perfect.  But God doesn't call us to be perfect.  God calls us to be faithful & obedient.  And we're reminded in 1 John 5:3 that his commandments are not burdensome.  They're really not.  Plus, whatever is born of God "conquers the world!"

Wow.  That's powerful!  Obeying God can lead to us overcoming any obstacle the world may throw our way.  Let us then seek God's truth... and live it out!

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