Friday, March 27, 2015

HE > Fear

"But Moses spoke to the LORD, 'The Israelites have not listened to me; how then shall Pharaoh listen to me, poor speaker that I am?'"
(Exodus 6:12)

Our egos are peculiar things, aren't they?  For the most part, I'm a fairly confident guy.  I'm secure in my calling as a pastor.  Blessed to be loved by my wife & family.  And comfortable with who I believe God has created me to be.

But a few years ago I went ot he Philippines with some good friends & ministry colleagues - we were speaking together at a conference.  Surrounded by excellence and in awe of their extemporaneous, powerfully compelling preaching styles, I suddenly felt out of place.  Doubt crept in.  I preach with a manuscript.  I have good content, but I'm nowhere near as engaging as they are.  My style was o different.  Would they even like it?  Envy & disappointment surfaced in my heart.  For probably one of the only times in my life, I was almost paralyzed with fear.  But thanks be to God, those same friends prayed with me and reminded me of my own giftings & grace... and my confidence returned.

So I can relate to Moses... who, though called by God, felt inadequate in some areas to lead his people.  In fact, he complained multiple times... reminding God over and over that no one ever listened when he spoke!  But God had a plan for him.  God would give him the right words to speak.  Moses just had to be faithful to God's call.

God is greater than our fears, doubts, and insecurities.  If we'll trust in Him, we will be able to accomplish all that He's put before us (which is usually far greater than we can ever imagine ourselves!).  Praise God for that.

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