Monday, September 21, 2015

Help amidst uncertainty

[From 8/25]

"You will not fear the terror of the night, or the arrow that flies by day..."
(Psalm 91:5)

The psalmist is one who evidently has felt attacked & overwhelmed by the circumstances around him/her.  Or s/he knows that GOD is the one who shelters, covers, & protects us, and thus is passing that info on to others... in terms of disease (deadly pestilence), in war (the arrows that fly by day), and in all things... including that which you cannot see or know because of the darkness.

Emily left for college last week.  Jody took her over to Abilene, TX.  They had 3 nights together at friends' homes... then she moved into the dorm.  The first 2 nights in her dorm she called me around 11pm PST (1am her time).  She could'nt sleep.  Her stomach was in knots.  Was it food related?  Probably not (though we talked about options there).  She thinks it was partly due to the enormity of this next phase of her life.  So I sat up and talked with her... prayed with her... and gave her some ideas about taking her mind off things.  We hung up & I kept praying for her.  Eventually, she fell asleep (she told me later).  In the end, the best thing I could tell her was to turn it over to God.  Fear not.  God is with you... even in new & uncertain surroundings.

Thank you, LORD, for watching over us... especially in the dark times of our lives.  Thank you for loving Emily and being with her during this new season of her life.  Be her rock & foundation.  Help her to turn to you first for any need she may have.  Amen.

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