Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Both great & small...

"To this day I have had help from God, and so I stand here, testifying to both small & great..."
(Acts 26:22)

Paul is imprisoned and needing to state his case before rulers.  He's reiterated his story numerous times to different authorities.  Now, before King Agrippa, Paul goes into a bit more detail about his mission & ministry.  Among the things he says comes this little tidbit from Acts 26:22...  a simple statement that he testifies to God's help - "both great & small."

It's easy to testify to and give thanks for the BIG THINGS that God does... recovery from a major illness, healing of relationships, protection during an accident, etc.  But how often do we testify to the little things God does in our lives?  Those things that others might classify (or dismiss!) as "random," or "insignificant," or "mundane"?  It's different if we are looking for them through GRATEFUL EYES!

Prayer: Lord, help me to see the little things you do in my life... and when I do, to give thanks and tell someone about You!  For you are my Help and my Fortress!  AMEN.

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