Monday, February 1, 2016


[From December 21, 2015]

"My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make melody.  Awake, my soul!"
(Psalm 108:1)

Most of us "younger generation" folk use our cell phones as alarm clocks these days.  We fear no power outages in the night... as long as our phones have enough charge, our bodies will wake up.  But as I was reading Psalm 108 today, I was reminded of another "awakening" that we need (which no cell phone can remedy): OUR SOULS!

"Awake, my soul!" says the Psalmist.  Wow!  I wonder what he recognized about himself when his soul wasn't "awake"?  It may have had nothing to do with feeling tired, sluggish, or lethargic at all.  Maybe he lost his passion... his sense of awe and wonder?  Maybe the sunrise or sunset no longer evoked something within him?  Maybe he wasn't touched by music... or by a child's laugh?  Maybe art wasn't interesting to him?  Maybe he wasn't drawn to conversation with the ones he loved?  Maybe when someone asked him how he was doing, he simply responded with, "fine"?

And then he knew that wasn't how God wired us.  Thus, the call/command: "AWAKE, MY SOUL!"  What a great cry whenever our daily alarm goes off!  Awake, indeed!

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