Thursday, April 30, 2015

The very best?

[From April 10, 2015]

"If the offering is a burnt offering from the herd, you shall offer a male without blemish..."
(Leviticus 1:3)

A couple of months ago I found a small gift-bag outside the church office door.  Someone had left it prior to our office opening for the day.  That's not an uncommon practice, actually.  Some folks are off to work prior to the regular work hours, and drop off items for donation or use later in the day. 

Inside this particular package there were a lemon scone mix, a jar of lemon curd (from the UK, no less!), and a jar of sweet cream (another UK delicacy).  It had all the makings of a breakfast party in one little bag!  I was so excited!! It wasn't the kind of items usually requested for our food pantry, so I assumed this was a gift to the office.  I took it home anticipating the joy that would ensue whenever we dove into it.

Last week visitors from England came to stay with us.  I thought it would be the perfect time to mix up the scones!  Jody assembled the mix as directed, but they didn't look quite right going into the oven.  Then totally didn't look right coming out of the oven!!  That's when we examined the bag again.  Expiration date on the scone mix: 2013.  D'oh!  No wonder it didn't come out right.  The yeast/leavening agent had expired.  We checked the expiration dates on the jars... also 2013.  Dang.

Too often, it seems, we fail to give our very best to the LORD.  Leviticus 1:3 commands that the Israelites give the very best of their livestock to God as an offering (an unblemished male).  Why? Because God give us His best all the time.  But we, as followers, often give God what's leftover, unwanted or outdated.  We justify our actions with "something is better than nothing."  WRONG.  God deserves our very best.  All the time.  No exceptions.

Just think what God might be able to do with our very best!!!

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