Thursday, April 30, 2015

"I solemnly swear..."

[From April 9, 2015]

"O Lord, who may abide in your tent?  Who may dwell on your holy hill... (those) who stand by their oath, even to their hurt..."
(Psalm 15:4)

Psalm 15 lists 10 characteristics/actions of the righteous who will be admitted into God's Temple.  I've seen this list many times before.  It includes such things like: those who do right, walk blamelessly, speak truth, don't slander or do evil, etc.  Today, however, when I read it I noticed an item that I hadn't before: "those who stand by their oath, even to their hurt."

There's an old saying: "My word is my bond."  In many old movies, this sentiment is wide-spread.  Making a promise or commitment and sticking with it is vitally important.  Today, however, I'm not so sure.  Athletes & coaches are frequently trying to renegotiate contracts (or simply refuse to report when they think they've 'outperformed' their current contract).  Politicians make campaign promises, yet don't always feel the same compulsion to follow up on those promises once in office.  Divorce is more common now than ever.  (Note: I'm not saying there aren't legitimate reasons for any of the above instances... it's simply an observation.)

The psalmist calls us to keep our oaths.  Even when it goes against our best interests.  Why? Because God does.  We might even find a new blessing we didn't even expect!

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