Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Do whatever he tells you."

"His mother said to the servants, 'Do whatever he tells you.'"
(John 2:5)

Jesus is at a wedding with his disciples... and his mother.  Weddings in those days were a week long (well, the celebration was a week long!).  Unfortunately, the host family didn't plan well enough (or maybe there were more than a few 'wedding crashers'?!?)... and they ran out of wine before the celebration was finished.

So Jesus' mom mentions this to her son.  Jesus kind of brushes her off, and hints that he's not inclined to do anything about it.  "What is that to me?  My time has not yet come," he says.  Nevertheless, Mary says to the servants, 'Do whatever he tells you.'

Is this her way of not-so-subtly telling Jesus that he really DOES need to do something after all?  Or did she know that despite his initial reaction, he really would help?  As if he says that sort of thing all the time, but always comes through (something a mother would know!)?  Which is, actually, what eventually happens.  Jesus instructs the servants to fill 6 large stone jars (used for ritual purification) with water.  Then somehow the water is transformed into wine.  Good wine.  Really good wine!

But I can't let go of Mary's statement: "Do whatever he tells you."  So true.  That's our call as disciples, isn't it?  To do whatever Jesus tells us.  (Of course, not in some sick, deranged, 'Jesus-told-me-to-hurt-you' way that some mentally ill purport!)  But to follow the words found in Scripture.  Life-giving words that are meant to bring hope & grace to all.  Are we prepared to "just do it"?  To follow those words & instructions in our own walk?

Great question, isn't it?!

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