Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quiet Time

[From November 5, 2014]

"When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour."
(Revelation 8:1)

Revelation is such an amazingly complex & cryptic book.  Many claim to know how to interpret it - how to see the contemporary equivalent events to verse by verse occurrences in the book.  I don't presume to know that - and I'm very leery of those who DO make that claim.  There's too much that even the best scholars don't know about Revelation to make me think otherwise.

Nevertheless, there are moments of clarity.  Like Revelation 8:1... six of the seven divine seals were opened in chapters 6 & 7... the 144K saints have been spotted... and now at the start of chapter 8, just as the opening of the 7th (and final!) seal, something very interesting happens.  SILENCE.  Thirty minutes of it.

Was this a "divine time out?"  A calm before the impending storm?  Or something more?  Could it be a response to the divine judgment that God had already unleashed upon the world?  Sometimes, when faced with the awesomeness of God, all we can do is stand in silence & awe.  Even the divine beings (angels, saints, etc.) did it.  Observed 30 minutes of silence.

Where can I take 30 minutes of silence before the glory & majesty of the LORD?  Or am I "too busy" to even do that?!?

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