Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deep & Hidden Things

"Blessed be the name of God... He reveals deep & hidden things; he knows that is in the darkness, and light dwells with him."
(Daniel 2:22)

Danie's story is indeed an interesting one.  He was one of the many taken from Israel by King Nebuchadnezzar during the "exile."  He was hand-picked and chosen as one of the "best of the best" to serve the king in Babylon - including given 3 years of training & instruction in Babylonian language, culture & literature.  Plus, the narrator tells us that God was with him.

Then one day (or, more specifically, "night") the king has a dream.  A disturbing dream.  A dream that he wants interpreted... only he won't tell his advisers, enchanters, magicians, & diviners what it was.  "YOU tell me BOTH the dream and its interpretation," he insisted.  The wise men knew it was impossible.  They told the king so.  But he would not be swayed from his demands (and he called for the execution of all his advisers!).

Daniel saved the day.  After prayer & supplication before the Lord, God revealed to him both the dream and the interpretation.  Daniel even said that God "reveals deep & hidden things."  Which got me thinking... as much as I want to keep learning & growing in life, I usually turn to things such as books (and occasionally movies).  When was the last time I asked God for wisdom & insight?  (sigh)

PRAYER: O God, revel to me whatever wisdom & insight I need to know.  You are the Revealer of Truth.  You are the One who knows everything.  Help me to always turn to you for insight.  Give me whatever it is that I need to know.  Amen.

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