Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trouble with Trust

[from May 7, 2013]

"The LORD your God, who goes before you, is the one who will fight for you, just as he did for you in Egypt before your very eyes, and int he wilderness, where you saw how the LORD... carried you, just as one carries a child, all the way that you have traveled until you reached this place.  But in spite of this, you have no trust in the LORD your God, who goes before you on the way... to show you the route you should take."
(Deuteronomy 1:30-33)

Sometimes we're so dense.  We "can't see the forest because of the trees," as my dad used to say.  God is active & moving through our lives, and we're clueless to His presence.

But we're not alone in this.  Israel was the same way.  The start of the book of Deuteronomy echoes this.  It recounts the "wilderness history" of God's people.  How God walked with, guided, prodded, protected, challenged, corrected, and shepherded the Israelites through their many ups and downs (mostly downs).  "But in spite of this," the author tells us, "you have no trust in the LORD."

Too often our history with others influences our ability to trust God.  When we've been hurt by, abused, and let down by others, we project that onto our relationship with God.  But God is not like others.  God is faithful and trustworthy.  And He wants to guide us into our future.  Will we let Him?

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