Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leadership Diligence

"We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us: prophecy, in proportion to faith; ministry, in ministering; the teacher, in teaching; the exhorter, in exhortation; the giver, in generosity; the leader, in diligence; the compassionate, in cheerfulness."
 (Romans 12:6-8)

Everybody has a purpose.  Each of us has been blessed by God with "gifts" - things we were created to do/use/share.  Some of us figure out what our "gifting" is early in life... while others take a bit longer.

In Romans 12, Paul echoes this.  He lists a few "giftings": prophecy, ministry, teaching, generosity, exhortation, compassion & leadership.  Most of these he connects obvious traits:
  • prophecy --> faith
  • teacher --> teaching
  • giver --> generosity
But when he get to the role of the LEADER, he doesn't mention the gift of "Leadership," like we'd expect.  No, he mentions "diligence."

When I was in college, I got fired from a summer fun director position precisely because I wasn't diligent.  I missed some important details that I hadn't even thought about.  Things fell through the cracks.  I don't think I was lazy.  I just wasn't adequately prepared.  I didn't know what I needed to know.  Diligence is the key.  As a UMC pastor now, I realize I have to work extra hard at diligence.  It doesn't come naturally to me (at least in terms of administration).  But it's a necessity for a leader.  Being comfortable "in front of a group," isn't enough.  Having charisma isn't enough.  Great ideas & vision isn't enough.  Diligence is the key.

Pray for me!  lol

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