Friday, November 18, 2011

Your children's children

"The LORD bless you from Zion.  May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem all the days of your life.  May you see your children's children.  Peace be upon Israel."
(Psalm 128:5-6)

Only six verses, Psalm 128 is a song of blessing.  If you fear God and walk in His ways, the psalmist prays numerous blessings upon you:
  • Abundant food
  • Happiness & prosperity
  • Many children (who grow up strong & healthy)
Then there are 2 more blessings tacked onto the end.  The one may "see the prosperity of Jerusalem."  That the capital city of Israel would also be healthy & strong (like one's children!).  And live in peace.  And second, that one may see one's "children's children."  Ah yes, the joy of grandkids!

We need to remember, however, that the life expectancy was much less back in Biblical days, so living into one's "senior years" wasn't as common.  To live long enough to see grandchildren was indeed a blessing.  But it's more than just long life, isn't it?  It's the chance to see a part of you - your DNA - in teh life of a new human.  When we become parents, we know very little about parenting.  By the time we become grandparents (or so I'm told), we bring added wisdom.  Being with our grandkids is truly a joy and blessing! 

May it be so with all of you.

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