Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Then Jesus took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated..."
(John 6:11)

It was dinnertime.  Jesus and his disciples had been teaching a multitude of people.  About five thousand to be exact.  Up in the mountains.  No fast food restaurants nearby.  "Where are we going to buy bread for everyone to eat?" Jesus playfully asks his group of followers.  "Yah right!" they retort.  "It'd take a half a year's salary - and even then, they'd only get a bite each!"

That's when Simon Peter noticed it.  A little boy's lunch.  Five barley loaves & two fish.  More than enough for a boy.  Nowhere near enough for a multitude.  But Peter mentioned it to Jesus anyway.  So Jesus asked everyone to sit down.  Then before distributing the meal he did something that could have easily gone unnoticed: he prayed.  He gave thanks! 

Imagine the thoughts in the disciples' minds at that exact moment.  'You're giving thanks?  For that!?!?!  Five loaves & two fish?  It's nowhere near enough!  Not exactly something to get excited about, Jesus.'  But Jesus knew that thankfulness was more a condition of the inner spirit of a person, rather than a condition of that same person's resources.  God can use anything to do whatever He needs done!  Especially a grateful & appreciative heart!

May it be the same for me... and you!  AMEN.

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