Monday, November 9, 2009

No Remedy?!?

"The LORD, the God of their ancestors, sent persistently to them by his messengers, because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling place; but they kept mocking the messengers of God, despising his words and scoffing at his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD against his people became so great that there was no remedy."
(2 Chronicles 36:15-16)

The ends of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles recount the fall of Jerusalem by the Babylonian army and the subsequent exile/captivity for the Hebrews.  But this passage in 2 Chronicles 36 gives a very succint explanation of "WHY?!"  It was not an isolated incident.  It was the result of generation upon generation of people who refused to listen to, be led by, and follow the LORD.  And it's not like God was distant and aloof all those years either, telling the people, "You know where to find me if you want me."  No.  God sent messengers and prophets - but they ignored and mocked and despised and scoffed at them.  Until "there was no remedy."  They finally had to face the consequences of centuries of sin.

I wonder if we're guilty of the same today?  Oh, maybe not the same sins as our ancient Hebrew ancestors on the eve of the Babylonian invasion... but might we be guilty of "mocking the messengers of God" (especially if they're from another denomination or have a different "theological persuasion" than us?)... or "despising God's words" (which are available to us in abundance through the bible - if only we'd read/listen)... or "scoffing at his prophets" (our church leaders/visionaries who might be asking us to consider new opportunities God has placed before us)?  The risk we face by following this path is that, over time, we might spur God's wrath to such an extent that there would be NO REMEDY.

And yet... and yet... (here's the Good News, friends!)... there still is hope.  For as followers of Jesus, we believe that no matter how hopeless we may be - no matter how messed up we allow our lives to get - no matter how far away from God we stray... JESUS is our remedy.  He stands in the gap between God and our sinfulness... and brings reconciliation.  That's love.  that's grace.  That's Jesus.

PS>  The David Crowder Band has a song called "Remedy" that would serve as a great "soundtrack' for this reflection today.  Check it out on i-Tunes or Youtube today!

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