Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hospitality Extrarodinaire

[From 12/27/12]

"...We sailed to Syria & landed at Tyre, because the ship was to unload cargo there.  We looked up the disciples and stayed there for seven days."
(Acts 21:3b-4a)

Paul is making his way to Jerusalem with a "super offering" for the mother church from many of the mission churches he's helped establish.  Along the way, we're told that he stopped in Tyre.  I love the language: "We looked up the disciples and stayed there for seven days."

Though I doubt they Googled "Tyre Christians" on their iPhones and GPS'd their way into a cozy B&B with a fish symbol displayed prominently on their sign... it's still neat to hear about ancient hospitality.  No warning.  No reservations.  No checking in advance.  They simply show up and are taken care of by "the disciples."  Why?  Travelers came through all the time.  Everyone was expected to be hospitable.  But Christians especially were called (by Jesus!) to reach out to those in need.  Ergo, instant welcome!

We were made to be in COMMUNITY!  When at our best, we're surrounded by and encouraging others.  As amazing as 5-star, deluxe accommodations may be (or so I've been told), nothing beats the company of someone who has the love of God overflowing from their lives.  Praise God for all who create space for others!

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