Friday, September 23, 2011

For OLDER MEN only...

[From Thursday, 9/22/11]

"Tell the older men to be temperate, serious, prudent, and sound in faith, in love, and in endurance."
(Titus 2:2)

What do you say to your elders?  To the older people in your life?  How do we encourage & challenge them in their walk with the LORD?  As Paul wrote to Titus (in chapter 2), he had instructions for older men, older women, younger men, younger women, and servants (slaves). 

I was struck by the words to the elder men.  Six things Paul lists.  The first three are not surprising: temperate (moderate in everything, not just alcohol, I'm guessing!), serious (as opposed to frivolous, likely), and prudent (wise in action).  The next three also sound "common" and expected.  But they caused me to ponder a bit more.  "Sound in faith, in love, and in endurance."  

Sound in Faith... Know what you believe.  Know the teachings of Christ (and the words of the prophets).  But then LIVE IT OUT!  It's not enough to simply know it (head knowledge).  Incorporate it into all aspects of your life.

Sound in Love... Love conquers a multitude of evils & sins.  There shouldn't be "grumpy old men" in God's kingdom.  Sure, everyone has bad days now and then... but for the most part, abound in love, grandpas!

Sound in Endurance... Life will be challenging.  It will be hard, at times... and frustrating & disappointing.  Expect it to happen. So then you can ENDURE.  Stick it out.  If you're "sound in faith & love," it will help a lot in being able to endure!

We need faithful & loving elders who persevere.
Are there any older men in your life that you can encourage today?!?

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