Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Many or Few

"...For nothing can hinder the LORD from saving by many or few."
(1 Samuel 14:6b)

Boldness.  Confidence.  Courage.  Faith.  These are all qualities that King Saul's son, Jonathan, possessed.  As a soldier in the Israelite army, he saw an opportunity & took it.  Faced with a standoff vs. the Philistines (and in the midst of a severe weapons crisis - see 1 Sam. 13:19-22!), Jonathan took matters into his own hands and initiated a not-so-covert operation.  he boldly took his armor bearer & engaged the Philistines in a surprise attack!

Immediately before the attack, when calling his armor bearer to accompany him, Jonathan noted that "nothing can hinder the LORD from saving with many or few" (14:6).  They were definitely on the "few" end of the spectrum.  Against all odds, however, Jonathan emerged victorious.  Amazing!  And he trusted God's deliverance all along.

We're starting a new ministry at AUMC.  Our "Life Communities" will be small house churches connected together.  We want to connect those outside the faith to one another & to God.  Our congregation is relatively small... we're on the "few" end of the spectrum, in many ways.  But God is good!  He doesn't need only "mega churches" to reach out to the non-churched.  God can save by many or few.  May we truly be used as an instrument of God's saving grace.

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