Monday, May 24, 2010

Card-holding AARP'ers?!?!

"...And here I am today, 85-years old.  I am still as strong today as I was on the day that Moses sent me... So now, give me this hill country of which the LORD spoke on that day..."
(Joshua 14:10-12)

"Senior Citizens."  "Elders."  Those in their "Golden Years."  Call them what you will... just don't call them "elderly."  Caleb would never have been called "elderly."  He & Joshua were the only ones who believed God's promise of giving Israel the Promised Land.  He was part of a 40-day espionage endeavor, scouting out the aforementioned territory.  Ten of the twelve scouts said, "No!  We can't take it!  They're too powerful for us!"  But not Caleb.  He knew God would provide the victory, despite the apparent obstacles.

That was 45 years prior.  Now, at age 85, the Israelites are finally moving into the Promised Land.  They're dividing up territory.  Numerous battles have been fought... with more battles to come.  Caleb gets up to speak.  He's ready to finish what he knows God started!  "Give me this hill country," he cries.  He's ready to drive out those who resist.  "I'm still as strong today as I was (45 years ago)."

I don't doubt him!  I've had the honor of knowing men & women in their "mature years" who had incredible energy, vision & passion.  People like Gaius Thede, Shig Tanabe, Helen Williams, Maude Jensen, to name just a few.  Men & women who have taught me what it means to live in God's abundant grace - for a long, long time!  Thanks be to God for their witness... and the witness of countless other "Calebs" like them!

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