Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Generosity Commanded

"Since there will never cease to be some in need on the earth, I therefore comand you, 'Open your hand to the poor and needy neighbor in your land.'"
(Deuteronomy 15:11)

I believe God created us to be generous. At our very best, we share. Freely. At our worst, we hoard. Oh, we may call it "saving"... or tell others we're working to "provide for our future"... we might even consider it being "frugal." But there's a very dangerous attraction to holding on to our resources, rather than releasing them to those in need.

God seems very clear about where He stands on this in Scripture. In Deuteronomy 15, as God is setting the ground rules for life in a community of faith that honors Him, God makes provisions for debt remission (every 7th year!), slave/servant freedom, and caring for the needy. "There will never cease to be some in need... I therefore command you, Open your hand to the poor & needy..." Wow. You can't get more clear than that, can you? I'm grateful for groups like Compassion International (www.compassion.com) who help us live this out on a regular basis.

PRAYER: Gracious God, bless Mboya, my Compassion child in Kenya! Bless the children I met in the Philippines (like Jenny & the rest at Joyful Student Center!). help me to keep sharing with the poor & needy around me, Lord. Amen.

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